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Treat Systems is a dynamic Danish company focused on development and implementation of healthcare IT solutions, primarily for the diagnose and management of patients with infections.
We use our extensive know-how in the areas of healthcare informatics and data mining technologies to deliver a family of products; supporting diagnostic- and antimicrobial stewardship in the clinical- and laboratory settings, making an impact on the daily lives of patients and physicians.

Products and solutions

TREAT Steward

TREAT Steward aims to solve two problems associated with antimicrobial prescribing
1. Empirical therapy is inappropriate in 30-50% of cases, and is associated with significantly higher mortality
2. Use/overuse of antimicrobials drives antimicrobial resistance
TREAT Steward comprises modules supporting stewardship initiatives in general and these two goals in particular, which fall into three categories:
- Quality assurance: tools for the specialist to monitor/approve/alter prescriptions in real time;
- Decision support: presentation of relevant information at point of care, aiding the treating physician in choosing empirical therapy;
- Statistics and surveillance: tracking clinical performance, resistance patterns, identifying systematic deviations from hospital policy, educational features Learn more ›

Case stories

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Improves coverage and reduces use of broad-spectrum antimicrobials

TREAT Steward™ can reduce the risk of side effects when suggesting antimicrobials by ordering treatment suggestions according to the hospital´s guidelines.

TREAT Steward™ has been tested in clinical trials involving more than 7,500 patients. The trials were performed in several hospitals with differing clinical setups and different levels of resistance. Results have been reproducible and shown that clinicians supported by Treat guidance can provide higher percentage of microbiologically covering antimicrobial treatments to their patients compared to clinicians without access to TREAT. On average, studies have shown a potential improvement empirical coverage from approximately 60% without TREAT to 75% with TREAT. Learn more ›


Mads Lause Mogensen

Treat Systems

Hasserisvej 125
9000 Aalborg

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