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• Point to point transport system • Dedicated to small clinical samples • Integrated part of lab automation • Validated test reports • Excellent MTBF

Products and solutions

TEMPUS600® is an innovative patented invention for the internal transport of blood samples in hospitals. Using a transport pipe of only 25 mm in diameter TEMPUS600® is easily installed in any hospital and can be directly connected to automation systems in the laboratory, making TEMPUS600® an important part of the pre-analytical process. When using TEMPUS600® the blood sample tubes are transported in a dedicated line, safe and fast making it the alternative to POCT. Optimizing blood tube transportation ensures faster analytical responses. Optimizing blood tube transportation can ensure faster analytical responses resulting in significant time and cost savings for the hospital while relieving patient anxiety. Learn more ›

Case stories

Odense University Hospital has created a Central Acute Care Center of 10,000 square meters in which all acute patients are received, triaged and treated. The focus of the new Acute Care Center has been on better and faster treatment – and to bring down the admission time. For that reason, the hospital has invested in TEMPUS600®, which is now a part of the new Center. By air pressure, the system transports sample tubes directly from the Acute Care Center to the Laboratory 300 meters away in just 28 seconds. This saves steps for the staff and the response time of the samples has been reduced significantly.

Herlev Hospital discussed the use of a transport system for bringing sample tubes from the Acute Care Center to the laboratory. The primary concern was if the blood would be influenced by the transport. However, it has been documented that the quality of the blood is the same as blood transported manually, and in some cases even better. By using TEMPUS600® Herlev Hospital achieves advantages such as immediately launch of sample tubes from the Acute Care Center and the strain of the laboratory is evened out by the fact that samples are now received one at a time. These advantages result in a faster analysis for the benefit of the patient and the admission time.

Sydvestjysk Hospital in Esbjerg has created one of Europe’s most modern laboratories. The laboratory is going to house some of the newest analysis equipment and solutions for logistics. The hospital has installed 16 TEMPUS600 systems to transport nearly 100 % of the blood samples. This will reduce the average response time to approximately 1 hour. The principle ‘single touch’ is an important factor in the blood sample process. By ‘single touch’, the hospital wants the sample tube to be touched only when the blood is drawn. The TEMPUS600 system adheres to this, by sending the samples fast and safe in a closed system directly to the laboratory.


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