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The Psychiatry of Southern Denmark

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The Psychiatry of Southern Denmark treats cizitens with mental illnesses. This is done in close cooperation with municipalities, general practitioners, and the additional hospitals in the Region of Southern Denmark.

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New psychiatric department as PPP

The Region of Southern Denmark has started building the first public private hospital in Denmark as the construction of a new psychiatric department in the city of Vejle has been initiated. The building is 17.000 sqm and includes a psychiatric outpatient clinic for children and young people, a psychiatric ward, an emergency department and a working environment for 250 employees.

The hospital is being build as a Public Private Partnership (PPP) which is a type of collaboration characterized by collecting the project, the establishment, the daily service provision and maintenance in one contract between a public and private supplier. The public actor changes from a traditional contractor carrying out the practical construction to an actor ordering certain functionalities in the building process.

This creates a natural opportunity for new ways of thinking and innovation. A continued user involvement process is carried out which ensures the users’ influence on the building process.

PPP has advanced the duration of the department’s building process with minimum three years. A contract has been made with a consortium covering the construction and 25 years of management and daily operation of the department. The building is expected to be ready in 2017.

Contact: Gert Frost, phone: +45 2134 2640, gert.frost@rsyd.dk


Gert Frost

The Psychiatry of Southern Denmark

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