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Since 1962, Standard Systemer has been a major supplier to the healthcare sector in Denmark. We have a thorough knowledge of all nursing and patient care area. In 2015 new owners acquired Standard Systemer. All continues as before, but will undergo a renewal process, and the world around us will see development of the company and its profile. Standard Systemer has dealers in Sweden, Norway, Benelux, Germany, Great Britain and Austria. We are an internationally oriented organization with great spaciousness and high awareness of our social profile. Our head office with production, storage, development and showroom is in Copenhagen.

Products and solutions

Flexvan - high version

Height adjustable trolley from 91 to 124 cm.
The FlexVan is developed to EPJ and ward round but can also be used as a workstation, medicine cart, drop wagon or just as a multi-trolley in a department. The high FlexVan can easily be adjust in the range of 91 to 124 cm, which ensures the user don correct working height. FlexVan are available with a variety of accessories and equipment as it adapted to the individual departmental needs. Learn more ›

Anesthesia trolley

Our intensive care and anesthesia trolley is based on Caravan V20 and has many different design solutions. It is available with different drawer sizes and devices and / or with doors and inserts for medicine trays such as 400 mm x 600 mm to match your storage needs and routines. Learn more ›

FlexCare treatment beds

Our treatment beds are adjustable and can carry up to 325 kg. We offer 50 different colors of imitation leather and there can be mounted a large number of different accessories. The treatment bed is produced at our factory in Denmark and you can get a treatment bed by request. Learn more ›

Case stories

Bobath Therapy Couch

The Bobath Therapy Couch meets the market’s demand for a wide and sturdy couch, which is also easy to move around the hospital or nursing home. The new Bobath Therapy Couch can carry up to 180 kg, but with an adjustable width from 200 cm to 80 cm, it fits easily through doorways and around corners in narrow hallways. Furthermore, the couch is adjustable in height with a hand or foot controlled electric motor.

Hospitals request interior that take up as little space as possible and the Bobath Therapy Couch responds to this need by fulfilling the tasks of a traditional bariatric couch but taking up less space.


Standard Systemer is the leading Danish developer of antibacterial furniture for hospitals and nursing homes. The HYGIENE series is based on the latest research and use antibacterial coatings to increase the purity of the environment and curb the growth and spreading of bacteria. Tables and chairs are the first products in this series. They have a surface coating of antibacterial copper. Tests show that cobber coated surfaces kill all microorganisms including MRSA within a few minutes.

Application areas for the HYGIENE furniture solutions include hospitals, nursing homes and schools. In principle, all those locations through which bacteria can spread.


Thomas Werdelin Philipsen

Standard Systemer ApS

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