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What we offer

MVC-Data develops the innovative security and welfare solutions. It was founded in 2008.

Products and solutions

CAREZONE - The future retirement home solution

It is the ideal partner in everyday life in retirement homes and other institutions where personal care and safety are in focus.

CAREZONE integrates several vital support functions in one single system that can be used separately or in combination:
- Localization for finding persons and equipment
- Easy and hands-free access through doors
- Safety call for residents and staff
- Security for people with dementia with critical zones
- Fall registration for residents

In the CAREZONE solution we have focused on easy and intuitive everyday use. It is unique in its simplicity and scalable functionality. Learn more ›

Case stories

Solgaven retirement home

CAREZONE has enabled the residents to visit each other more easily. For example, could a male residents easier visit his demented wife in the department next door. The bracelet gave him hands free access to the doors.

The staff saves daily time on the automatic door opening and they can easily get through with food and laundry.


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MVC-Data ApS

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MVC-Data ApS

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