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A Danish lifescience startup with an international agenda
The management team has extensive experience in radio-pharmacy, nuclear medicine and a global life-science exposure. The company is supported by a clinical advisory board covering Asia, Europe and North America. MedTrace is focused on making O-15 H2O practically available for clinical routine PET imaging, and in further developing O-15 H2O PET into being the principal diagnostic tool for all disease areas where perfusion is of clinical relevance. MedTrace is built on strong clinical encouragements and the company has a high respect for regulatory compliance.

Products and solutions

MedTrace MT-100

Radioactive water (O-15 H2O) is the gold standard for quantifying blood flow by PET scans. With MT-100 we are making it practically available for routine use.
The MT-100 is an automated system for production and injection of radioactive water. It will provide intuitive and cost-efficient operation, ultimate safety for patients and staff, and lower radiation dose to patients compared to other agents.
We expect that the MT-100 system will open up new research fields with clinical relevance and further the development of PET.

Case stories

medtrace pet and mt100.jpg

Improving Diagnostics of Critically Ill Patients

A patient is lying in the PET-scanner to have his heart scanned. Placed next to the scanner, the MT-100 is connected to the venflon in the patient. The doctor prompts the MT-100 to produce and inject a dose of O-15 H2O. MT-100 does this by accepting O-15 O2 gas from an in-house cyclotron, converting it to O-15 H2O. It then measures and injects the requested dose. The doctor can now observe the injection proceeding on the screen. Meanwhile the PET-scanner produces results. Using O-15 H2O, they are very accurate. The need for heart re-vascularizing cardiac surgery is clearly identified.


Martin Stenfelt


Gotlandsvej 5
5700 Svendborg

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