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The MedTech Innovation Center (MTIC) was founded in 2009 in response to the wishes of biotech and medtech companies in Central Denmark Region as part of the business development programme, "Erhverv og sundhed" (Business and Health).

MTIC's goal is to create company growth and to ensure that companies realise their ideas faster and better, and to bring their healthcare technology products to the market – both nationally and internationally. We assist by providing the right kind of individual assistance and advice in connection with the commercial challenges they face which are critical for the success of their businesses – regardless of which stage they have reached in this process.

MTIC works closely with hospitals in the Central Region of Denmark in order to ensure that companies have access to clinical expertise, and the partners they need in order to create the correct solutions and products for the healthcare sector – products that create business for companies and enhance the quality and efficiency of hospital care.

Case stories

curavivo_mtic case.jpg
CURAVIVO Interactive Care System

CURAVIVO Interactive Care System

Location: Neurosurgical Intensive Care Unit NIA1

Contacts: Leanne Langhorn and Lone Moeslund, Aarhus University (Neurosurgical Intensive Care Unit).

The CURAVIVO concept is an integrated patient care environment, which also creates better working conditions for staff in intensive care units.
The CURAVIVO Interactive Care System is a developmental environment for patients, including patients with acute traumatic brain damage in intensive care units. The system has been developed in a partnership between the Neurosurgical Intensive Care Unit NIA1 at Aarhus University Hospital (AUH) and four private companies: Chromaviso, Solutors, VisioSign and SoundFocus. Medtech Innovation Center provided project management.

The concept includes circadian and functional lighting, noise cancellation, personal patient audio (e.g. music), individual information screens and visual monitoring.
Circadian lighting helps maintain a natural circadian rhythm for patient and hospital staff alike. A normal circadian rhythm has a positive effect on the patient's sleep patterns. A patient who sleeps well at night is better rested, less confused and prepared for early rehabilitation.

The audio elements include directional sound which masks inappropriate noises originating in the interior and from machinery, other patients and staff. The patient is therefore not disturbed by what is happening around the other patients in the room.

When the emergency lighting is switched on, the noise cancellation system is activated as well as CCTV monitoring of the remaining beds in the care unit. The system is efficient when staff have to concentrate on giving one patient acute help.

CCTV monitoring is used at night. The staff can monitor patients without having to wake them up.

Chromaviso, Claus Puggaard - cpu@chromaviso.com
Solutors: Michael Rumph - mru@solutors.com

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applab_mtic case.jpg

APPlab for clinical staff at hospitals

Location: Aarhus University Hospital
Contact: Klaus Veng at MTIC kv@mtic.dk
Aarhus University has in cooperation with MedTech Innovation Center (MTIC) developed APPlab.
APPlab is a collection point for the constant flow of ideas for new apps coming from hospital staff, where ideas are processed in a professional set-up. Every one of the apps ideas could help clinicians in their daily work and, not least, in communicating with patients.
APPlab focuses on the prototype phase, which includes analysing needs and focusing on design and testing. APPlab is a synergy centre, a pool of resources with experts in software, design and product development.
APPlab is manned by two project managers from AUH Innovation/MTIC and AUH healthcare-It, three prototype designers (students) from Aarhus University and a trainee from Innovation Management (AU).
The institutions: AUH, VIA University College in Horsens, the Engineering College of Aarhus (AU), INCUBA, the centre for E-learning (Central Denmark Region) and the companies: Trifork, BridgeIT, MobilePeople, Cetrea, Appdictive, Redia, Design Concern and ITMinds are linked to APPLab.
The centre received more than 60 ideas in the first year, more than half of which have progressed to the qualification phase, ahead of de facto prototype development.
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the intelligent bed_mtic case.jpg

The intelligent bed

Location: The Regional Hospital of Randers
Contact: Majbritt Aagaard at MTIC ma@mtic.dk
Opus 5 is a new hospital and care bed which is the result of an innovative PPI collaboration between the Regional Hospital of Randers and the company KR (a hospital bed manufacturer).
The design of the bed minimise the physical strain on staff by optimising work procedures - and less staff is needed for mobilization and embedding patients.
One of the main advantages of the bed is that the patient can be mobilised from the foot end of the bed, seated as if in a chair - and that the surface of the bed can be lowered, so that it only reaches 35 cm above the ground.
The bed functions allow for earlier and gentler mobilisation of newly operated patients, better conditions at meal times, improved patient independence and has additional opportunities for rehabilitation. Further more staff has better patient control and there are fewer accidental falls.
Other benefits compared with those of a conventional hospital bed include the side tilt, which is helpful when mobilising and turning patients, prevents pressure wounds and brings much less physical strain on hospital staff.
The bed will enter serial production at the end of 2014 for sales to hospitals.

"The new intelligent hospital bed has developed into something more than simply a place where the patient lies. It has become an integrated part of the clinical work in connection with patient care, mobilisation and transport." Klaus Brock, CEO of KR
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