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"Some say humanism has become a cliche in the discussion of Nordic architecture, but here it is in full bloom. Everything is designed to support the individual patient's unique treatment. The aim is always to return to society. A psychiatric patient is a human being who needs help to function independently.
You can tell the civil level of a community in how it treats its weakest. Here we come a long way. A nobel welfare architecture, we can certainly be proud of. And one could wish that this level in design was the model of standard in the treatment of all the most vulnerable, from dementia to asylum seekers. "

Excerpts from review "New psychiatric hospital is welfare architecture, we can be proud of"
Written av Carsten Ifversen for Politiken 30/08/2015

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New Psyciatric Hospital in Slagelse (DK)

The new psychiatric hospital in Slagelse is with the total area of 44,000 m2 and an investment of more than 160 mio euro, the largest and most ambitious psychiatry construction in Denmark for more than 100 years with capacity for 194 hospitalized patients and 2-300 daily consultations in the ambulatory.
The building accommodates both general psychiatric, forensic and high security wards, ambulatory and emergency reception, training facilities and a center for research and education.


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