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What we offer

We help decision-makers adjust their healthcare systems and organisations to the new technological landscape and get full benefit from IT tools. Over a decade, the founder and managing consultant has played a key role when national and regional levels of government in Denmark has developed and implemented their health IT strategies. He has been responsible for strategy within the organisation that set the overall frame for digitization of the Danish healthcare sector and been at the centre of the creation of two national Danish healthcare IT organisations and one shutdown. He has also founded an Australian accelerator-backed digital health start-up.

Products and solutions

Advice on framework conditions conducive to implementation of IT across healthcare systems. We help federal, state and local authorities with: 1) Governance structures, 2) Policies and regulations, 3) Incentive structures, 4) Strategy development, implementation and enforcement, 5) Reviews and analyses. Learn more ›

Strategic consulting on business development: 1) Learning from your customers, 2) Creating new value and market spaces, ​3) Managing entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship, 4) Industry analysis and competitive forces, ​5) Business system analysis, 6) Different types of strategic moves, 7) Prioritizing portfolios of strategic initiatives, ​8) Organisation design, 9) Human resource management, ​10) Business strategy implementation frameworks. Learn more ›

Competitive intelligence: 1) What are the major trends of the industry? 2) What are the new emerging tendencies that might give you a competitive edge? 3) What do your competitors and partners plan to do next? 4) What do your customers think about you and your brand? 5) Market research. Learn more ›

Case stories

Managed a national review of health IT in Denmark. The review invovled an independent expert panel and an external consulting company. It was manged by the founder of the consulting company while working for the National EHR organisation / Connected Digital Health in Denmark.

Managed the development of the Strategy for Digitalisation of the Danish Health Care Service, which set the overall direction for health IT in the country for the years 2008-12. It was manged by the founder of the consulting company while working for the National EHR organisation / Connected Digital Health in Denmark.

Helped start up Connected Digital Health in Denmark. The organisation set frame for digitalisation of the Danish health sector and manged implementation of major national projects, including the national medication card and national infrastructure services. As the first employee, the founder of the consulting company helped launch the organiation, establish its portfolio of projects and establish the national governance structures for the area.


Jonas Tyle Petersen

JTP Management Consulting

Ben Websters Vej 104
2450 København SV

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