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What we offer

IoT Denmark A/S is the SIGFOX network operator for Denmark. Before 31. december 2016 we will cover Denmark with antennas so objects with build in SIGFOX RF devices can connect and transport data to SIGFOX cloud, from where you can access your data. IoT Denmark is headquartered in Copenhagen and office in Aarhus.

Products and solutions

SIGFOX RF data network

With SIGFOX data network you will be able to monitor homes, hospitals, assets and people and will be in connection with objects, which have build in sensors in SIGFOX ready devices.Every object has its own ID with data up to 140 times a day.

And, if device is developed for this, receive 4 downlink messages per day also. In that way, it will work as a duplex system.
SIGFOX Ready devices can send messages about temperature, location, movements, noise, come & go of caregivers and much more - depending on the sensors inside device and how it is being used in the application being developed.

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Case stories

Z#bre Medical Monitor - "Z#Link"

How to improve the services delivered to citizens while controlling expenses when we are a community?
Deploy and maintenance more than 10.000 completely autonome objects at home, capable of receiving and processing essential data to ensure quality home care services.
Perfect mastery of citizens relation thanks to technologies distributing the intelligens between the objects and the community. Design of objects and industrialization. Use of the SIGFOX network.
Z#link is activated with a card (RFID) or automatically by Bluetooth connection.
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Esben Gregersen

IoT Denmark A/S

Tuborg Boulevard 12,3
2900 Hellerup

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