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Gibotech A/S is a Danish based company that develops, implements and do maintenance on high tech automation and machine solutions. The company is based in Odense, Denmark, and offers a wide variety of automated products - such as high technological machines, CNC machinery, automation with or without robots and panel sizing machinery.

Products and solutions

The GIBOCARE automated sterile storage exchange makes storage at hospitals extremely hygienic and effective. Also, the sterile storage solution eliminates packing mistakes, which can be vital for the patient. The solutions has been implemented at the fully automated sterile department at Gentofte Hospital.      Learn more ›

GIBOSORT Blood sample sorting solution. "Gibosort" handles blood and other biological samples at hospitals which minimizes human mistakes and decreases the response time.

Gibotech A/S has agreed to a partnership with DS Automotion. The Austrian-based company in one of Europes leading manufacturers in terms of AVG’s (Automated Guided Vehicles). The partnership results in a elongation of the current process of automation and provides Gibotech A/S with new opportunities within the industry as well as in regards to hospitals and healthcare. Learn more ›

Case stories


Sterile Processing Department at Gentofte Hospital, Denmark Through the integration of a number of robots and other automation devices our system, which stores the sterilised surgical equipment as it exits the Getinge autoclaves, has allowed the hospital to significantly reduce unintended incidents as well as staff, and make their sterile storage facility much more efficient too. The flexibility of the storage exchange is second-to-none, since surgeons can always order urgent deliveries to take advantage of unforeseen surplus capacity in the surgical wards, or in the event that an operation requires further surgical equipment aside from the usual things which were ordered during the operation planning phase. Such unscheduled orders are priority processed and delivered at one of the exit bays a mere 45 seconds after the surgeon has clicked "send" on their local workstation. This ensures that operations may proceed seamlessly regardless of the obstacles encountered along the way, and that operating theatre capacity can be fully exploited at all times. Learn more here. 


Gibosort blood handling at Nordsjaellands Hospital, Denmark Gibosort is an automated solution for handling blood or other biological samples. It automatically unpacks and empties all known transport containers and forwards their contents via pneumatic delivery, conveyor, postage crates or other means. As with other GIBOCARE automation solutions it eliminates the potential for human errors in critical systems where mistakes may have great consequences.


AVG’s by DS AUTOMOTION, Cleveland, USA Cleveland Clinic has had 81 automated vehicles installed. The AVG’s covers more than 1700 km everyday and transports linen, food, waste and medical equipment in their various destinations within the hospital. In this application, the use of the AGV has resulted in a harmonious goods transport over long distances without collisions. Previously, heavy rolling carts had to be moved via ramps that were sometimes very steep. Now, the AGV does this work both in an ergonomically safe and efficient way.


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Gibotech A/S

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