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FirstAED is an automatic, intelligent alarm system for emergency medical organizations and dispatch centers, for extremely quick smartphone dispatch of first responders or bystanders close to an incident. The speed of the system is especially vital in cases of out of hospital cardiac and respiratory arrest, but the system has also proven its value in many other emergencies. It is fully compliant with the 2015 guidelines made by the European Resuscitation Council. The effect of the FirstAED system is proven over 3 years evidence based Danish research showing time to CPR of 04:07 and AED on-site in 99% of call-outs.

Products and solutions

FirstAED alarm and dispatch system

A complete and automatic alarming infrastructure between emergency medical dispatch centers, first responders and publicly available defibrillators. The system/software is integrated to the CAD system at the dispatch center, meaning no extra work or monitor for the dispatcher. A solution on iPad is also available. Learn more ›

Case stories

Nearly 4 years of operation - Langeland

The system has been in operation for nearly 4 years in a rural part of Denmark, where on average 180 first responders (2/3 bystanders with min. 12 hours BLS training) have been activated at more than 1700 alarms from control center. An evaluation made by two university hospitals documents main results:

- 3 first responders on site in 89,1% of all alarms
- No. 1 first responder on site in a mean time of 4:09 minutes
- AED was brought on site in 99% of all alarms
- Mean time of arrival of an AED was 5:47 minutes

2016 start up project Helsinki

Beginning 2016 a two year project will start in all of Helsinki-Uusimaa in cooperation with 112.FI, HUS, Red Cross, SPEK. A major project also involving AED registration in the entire area of 1.6m people. Part funding of the project by The Danish Market Development Fund.

Germany - 2016 implementation in Marburg-Biedenkopf, Hessen

A project involving dispatch centre, university hospital, various first responder groups and AED registering. Further regions of Germany have also decided implementation of the FirstAED system, pending technical clarification.


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