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DELTA offers health & care consultancy services concerning development of high-tech products and solutions. We advise our clients on EMC, regulatory & documentation issues, wireless technologies, and product development processes. Our advice and knowledge help our clients achieve fast product approval and reduced time-to-market. As a member of Continua Health Alliance we help set the agenda for mobile health.

Products and solutions

1) Approval management of health & care technologies, mechatronics, and mobile health solutions. We advise about IEC 60601 and CE-mark approval. Learn more ›

2) Electronic Sketching is a method that helps our clients turn innovative ideas into products by visualizing the ideas and making them concrete. Learn more ›

3) Review of the design and technical functionality of your new product. We help capturing faults and correcting errors so that your product is guaranteed success when introduced to the market. Learn more ›

Case stories


1) Development of ePatch, a breakthrough technology platform used for monitoring of physiological parameters – ECG, EMG and EEG. ePatch is adhered to the body and can record and transmit real-time information about the user’s health, activity level, posture etc.


2) Case concerning the use of RFID systems in hospitals: Investigation of minimum respect distance between RFID readers and sensitive, medical devices. Mapping of emission characteristics of the RFID systems, including electrical and magnetic field strengths, and of immunity levels for selected medical electrical systems used in hospitals. Recommendations concerning respect distance between RFID systems and medical electrical equipment in order to avoid interference.


3) EMC tests in hospitals: DELTA has provided advice about issues concerning EMC, wireless technologies, and electromagnetic noise in connection with hospitals and the medical equipment installed in hospitals for more than 20 cases over the last 20 years. In addition DELTA has EMC tested more than 100 medical devices during this period. The in-depth knowledge about both the EMC environment on hospitals and the regulatory tests of medical devices makes DELTA a unique partner for EMC in the hospital environment.


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