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What we offer

DanSign is an architectural signs and digital signage solutions provider specializing in signage and management of wayfinding, brand communication and information management signage solutions. Since 1982, DanSign has provided innovative, trusted solutions as one of the industry's leading Architectural Signage Integrators. All DanSign systems are mounted with the world patented magnetic locking device that make the signs theft proof and easy to replace.

Products and solutions

Wayfinding and ConsultingConsultancy on wayfinding projects is one of DanSign’s core competences. Guiding people from A to B in buildings may sound simple on the face of things, but it is usually extremely complex, and creating rational and efficient people flows through e.g. hospitals and universities requires many years' experience. DanSign's approach, which is rooted in the systematic and analytical collection of comprehensive information, is key to creating an efficient wayfinding solution. Using simple analyses and models we solve complex wayfinding problems and our solutions are designed to be efficient for many years to come. Learn more ›

Signage - indoor, outdoor or electronicDanSign supply high end static and digital modular sign systems around the world. Our systems and solutions have received several design awards in both Europe and North America. The flexibility and ease of maintenance of our systems is unique and DanSign holds a world patent on the locking device that locks and fixate the signs. Learn more ›

Case stories

Spectrum Health Care, USA

Leamington District Memorial Hospital, Canada

Copenhagen University Hospital,Copenhagen, Denmark


Gitte Laursen

DanSign A/S

Smedeland 38
2600 Glostrup

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