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What we offer

Cure4you can help your organization reduce costs and improve patient communications. The result will be happier, healthier patients and more productive, less-stressed office staff.

Products and solutions

Fast and Secure Communication

No more faxes or snail-mail letters. No more wasted hours on the phone. With Cure4you you will get secure communication tools for you, your patients and your network - online!
- Send messages and files
- Share messages and data with other stakeholders
- Book appointments and refer patients
- Fill out questionnaires and forms - and much more... All communication is encrypted, logged and documented. Completely safe, secure and private!

Patient Empowerment

No more insecure or confused patients. Patients want to be involved in their treatment. Cure4u gives them the tools they need to be more involved in managing their healthcare. Tools that make it easy for them to
- Register and monitor their data on graphs
- Track progress in following goals set by their doctor, nurse or other professional
- Clear and simple online explanations about common health conditions
- Feedback from providers about the progress of ongoing treatments Cure4u empowers patients to be proactively involved in managing their health

Efficient Data Sharing

No more lost data or long waiting for test results. With Cure4u you no longer have to chase down data from other providers, search for data registered in other systems or repeat a test because the result was lost. WITH CURE4U, PROVIDERS CAN:
- Upload data to the patients' record
- Look up data uploaded from HIS’s, EMR’s, Laboratory systems etc.
- Selectively grant access of patient data to other providers

- Upload data from home
- View data online in their Cure4u patient records - Grant access to their providers and relatives With Cure4u patients and providers have immediate access to all data.

Case stories

Steno Diabetes Centre, Denmark

Steno Diabetes Centre is a world leading institution within diabetes care and prevention. Steno is owned by Novo Nordisk A/S and is a not for profit organisation working in partnership with the Danish healthcare system. Steno treats around 6200 people with diabetes yearly. Patients receive a weekly schedule where they are to measure blood sugar levels 4 times a day. Before C4U was introduced, these patients had to phone in their results, which was both time consuming for both patients and staff, and also prone to error. C4U provides a solution whereby patients can send in their forms online and staff can give their feedback through an e-message. Patients are also able to correspond with staff online albeit using pre-set limits created within C4U to ensure that the number of message sent on any one topic are limited.

Sagar Hospitals, India

The Sagar Hospitals is a landmark healthcare services institution that enjoys a unique reputation of being a popular destination for both Indian and international patients seeking treatment at an affordable cost. Bangalore, now boasts of Sagar Hospital’s two tertiary care multi-specialty hospitals with 665 beds and four clinics and the professionalism of its consultants and surgeons that compares well with their international peers. We are currently introducing C4U Technologies Services in the Sagar Hospital Group. We monitor around 15,000 patients per month as a group. We anticipate C4U services will bring a radical change in the level of Patient Satisfaction in our hospital.

Family Practice, Denmark

Ebeltoft Health Centre (www.elh.dk) has for many years used Cure4you as a necessary addition to our medical system. Cure4you integrates the functions related to e-mail consultations, medication ordering and appointment online. Many of our patients communicate with their doctor via online consultations. An effective form of communication that jumps the sometimes long telephone queue. Prescription refills are ordered online, and there is broad opportunity to book an appointment for a consultation with a doctor or nurse for everything from well-child examination to license renewal and follow-ups. Cure4you is an indispensable tool in the modern electronic life, a computerized tool that relieves the patient, doctor and staff.


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Cure4you ApS

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