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CareCom primarily develops software for the healthcare sector, and the company has created cutting-edge competence within the focus area of Master Data Management. 

 Over the years CareCom has gained a deep understanding of the challenges relating to the management of healthcare terminologies and classifications and served as advisors for many international semantic interoperability projects like the epSOS project, EU Commission. CareCom’s major business area is the provision of solutions that support all aspects of working with healthcare terminologies and classifications. CareCom's products support the process of establishing semantic interoperability between disparate systems, which we regard as a necessary prerequisite for systems integration.


Products and solutions

HealthTerm Terminology ServerHealthTerm® is the all in a box solution to all types of work concerning terminologies and classifications. HealthTerm® as the broker solution ensures consistence as all clinical and administrative systems draw code information from one source. As the maintenance solution, HealthTerm® minimizes the heavy burden of manual and semi-manual updates to classifications and terminologies in every system that requires coded information. A commonly understood language is necessary Structured information from one system cannot always be transferred to another system and be understood correctly. One of the best approaches trying to overcome this semantic gap is to use internationally accepted classifications and terminologies like ICD, ICPC, ICF, ATC, SNOMED CT®, LOINC, IUPAC etc. By using these, possibly supplemented by national and regional extensions, when two or more systems communicate with each other, we minimize the risk of misinterpretations.  Significant HealthTerm® modules are:General Browser ModuleSubset ModuleTranslation ModuleEditing ModuleMapping Module  Learn more ›

HealthTerm WidgetHealthTerm® Widget is a technical plug and play component for software vendors which allows your system/ application to facilitate in searching code system or subsets of code systems and storing the content information in your system. An easy way to have input of structured data in your systems instead of free text. How it is integrated is more or less droping the component in your application and you will have access to type-a-head search, all code systems (OPS, ICD-10-GM, ICD-9, ICF, SNOMED CT and many more) in many languages.  Learn more ›

HealthTerm AppHealthTerm® App is an free iPhone app (Android version in development) which is a tool clinicians can use to assist them in:Searching in code systems like OPS, ICD-10GM, ICD-10 int., ATC, ICF etc. to easier find the correct code for the patient documentation:A tool for creating subsets/favorite list of the most common codes the clinician himself use in his daily work when documentation patient treatment and to share great list with collegesA sharing platform for guidelines /instructions with the possibility to upload own guidelines through a supporting website and share them with colleges around the world  Learn more ›

Case stories

The epSOS ProjectEU CommissionThe overarching goal of epSOS is to develop a practical eHealth framework and an Information & Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure that will enable secure access to patient health information. epSOS aims to design, build and evaluate a service infrastructure that demonstrates cross-border interoperability between electronic health record systems in Europe and focus on 3 types of patient information: ePrescription, eDispensation and a Patient Summary report.For more details of the project, visit website.  

SUNDTERM – Translation of SNOMED CT® into DanishNSI (SSI/Statens Serum Institute)SNOMED CT® with its more than 380,000 concepts, 900,000 terms and 1,400,000 relationships, was found to be the most comprehensive and detailed terminology. The polyhierarchy and the possibilities to select different levels of granularity were seen as advantages over the use of existing classifications. The reference model for SNOMED CT® was considered robust offering an evolutionary development, handling of multilingual use and language extensions. For these reasons NSI decided to translate the entire human medical domain of SNOMED CT® using the Translation Module in HealthTerm®. It has been considered important to ensure that the terminology is adjusted to Danish conditions and that professionals, as well as patients and relatives, can understand the terminology used. By using HealthTerm’s translation workflow with a quality assurance process in 4-5 stages all translations have been evaluated by many people with different skills in a controlled environment and thereby support a comprehensibility in the translation.More details of the project.

Moving towards standardized and structured nursing documentationRegion Zeeland & CSCRegion Zeeland has a vision to move towards a more interoperable documentation and the nursing area is first in line. Their main purpose of adopting nursing problem list Subset and procedure codes of SNOMED CT® created in HealthTerm’s Subset tool is to facilitate the use of SNOMED CT® as the primary coding terminology for nursing problems and activities used in care planning, problem lists or other summary level clinical documentation. 


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