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Hospitals and departments are under pressure to improve patient outcomes, become more efficient, and deliver more for the same budget. This is a daily challenge when so many people and resources may be brought to bear on each patient during the course of their care. Typical barriers to effective medical outcomes include heavily manual appointments scheduling, a lack of systems integration between departments, and reliance by clinicians on printed lists, paper-based methods and whiteboards for viewing schedules.

Products and solutions

Capgemini's market leading scheduling solution, Bookplan, facilitates planning and logistics in hospitals with a wealth of specialized functionality. By managing the workflow which supports each patient’s journey through the treatment process, Bookplan helps hospitals improve outcomes, efficiency and capacity. Bookplan allows hospitals to manage the scheduling of patient appointments, planning and resources electronically. It provides a single platform for booking all hospital appointments as a one stop shop, from outpatient clinics to wards, operating theaters and service departments. It facilitates patient-centric communication through online self-service, SMS, and automated letters. Bookplan has been developed to integrate easily with other hospital systems, including patient administration systems, electronic health records (EHR) and radiology systems. It facilitates better co-ordination between departments for a seamless patient experience and shorter waiting times

Case stories

The Central Denmark Region (Region Midt) employs Bookplan for scheduling and resource optimization across its 12 hospitals in 18 geographic locations. Bookplan enables booking of single appointments and series of appointments within departmentments or across departments and hospitals, optimizing hospital work processes and improving patient communication.


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