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With more than 15 years of experience we have created a competent design house with a team of design researchers, product- and graphic designers, creative engineers and project managers who can address all aspects of a design process. We have built up extensive experience in a number of design disciplines, including design research, industrial design, service design, strategy & process management, user interface design and packaging design & graphic design.

Products and solutions

The nursing bench from Pressalit Care is soft and friendly in its idiom. The functionallity is optimized with a focus on the experience for users and to facilitate the work of the nursing staff. The Pressalit Care nursing bench has won the Danish Design Award. Learn more ›

CALAJECT helps to deliver pain free injections. The secret is an intelligent and gentle administration of the local analgetic solution. CALAJECT hereby prevents pain usually caused by the speed of the injection and the subsequent swelling of the tissue. Even palatal injections can be carried out without the patient feeling discomfort or pain. Learn more ›

The Stingray buggy is well thought out with stylish colors and a futuristic design making it the obvious choice for any child. The carbon frame with its trendsetting design encourages any family to go out together Adjustments, comfort and lightness of steering are keywords for this buggy. The Stingray has a 180° turnable seat, supreme driving properties, fantastic suspension. With the safe and stable brakes, security always has pride of place. Learn more ›

Case stories

pressalit bruseleje 2.jpg

After the launch of the nursing bench from Pressalit Care the company both increased the selling price and sold more units than before. The nursing bench is implemented in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, day care centers, and private homes worldwide.


RØNVIG Dental's CALAJECT, which stands for computer assisted local analgesia, is stylish and aesthetic. It is characterized by quality and exclusivity, both in styling and materials. The new and contemporary user interface with simple graphics makes it easy for dentists to interact with the product. The CALAJECT is cost-effective in use and no additional costs for added consumables are necessary – only the usual cartridges and needles. CALAJECT is distributed to dentists worldwide.


With an idiom which, instead of signaling the disability and limitations, cultivates a playful, organic high-tech look with full speed, the child is not stigmatized in the public domain. A frame made of carbon fiber makes the buggy extremely easy and manageable. This feature has contributed to Stingray being, in less than 2 years, R82's best-selling product. The buggy is used by families, institutions and day care centers in countries all over the world.


Simon Skafdrup


Katrinebjergvej 115
8200 Aarhus N

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